Here’s how this fashion entrepreneur plans to change one woman’s life (READ)

”I woke up one morning and realised how blessed I am”, said Sumbo Olabode, CEO of women’s clothing store, Pathos Exclusives.

Sumbo is expressing gratitude for her blessings by helping one fashion-inclined lady to set up a clothing business by handing out to her nearly 250 clothing items and mentorship.

Compared to many high-end boutiques that have been constantly accused of selling fashion items at exaggerated prices and ripping off their customers, Sumbo’s Pathos Exclusives operates from a heavily-stocked 50sqm store in the Yaba area of Lagos.

Instagram is where the store most thrives with over 30 thousand followers and 4,000 items on display. As Pathos just recently diversified into jewelry business, it is easy to assume that this is a massive giveaway disguised as an empowerment program with the supreme aim of phasing out the clothing business.

Responding to this assumption, Sumbo iterates that she would never trade her clothing business for another as it is a major part of her life which also explains why she will not be extending her empowerment program to other sectors beyond fashion.

On how she intends to ensure that her winner sustains the new business, Sumbo says she will be a part of the entire process by not just dumping 250 pieces of clothing on her but seeing to the day-to-day running of the business.

Her comment section is overflowing with aspiring ladies who are pitching their imperfect but convincing storylines to Sumbo. She will pick “the best comment with the most likes” and although that may not be the perfect way to gauge potential, a life will be changed still.

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