7 office outfit ideas to get you excited about work this week

Saying goodbye to the weekend is pretty tough but figuring out work outfits for the new week can be even more daunting.

Many times, the outfits are hanging right there in our closets staring at us and wishing we’d pick them but we don’t, and this is mostly because the mere thought of another Monday can sap all of one’s energy.

Let’s be frank now! Do you not imagine you could show up at work on Monday in your pyjamas or something close to it? Well yeah, it’s not really your clothes you need to work, it’s your brain right? Except you work in marketing or client service then PJs are not a bad idea.

But we honestly want you to do better so we put together 10 work outfit inspirations from some of our favourite style bloggers. These looks will help you look like the work professional plus the chic boss plus the fashion pro all in one.

Here’s the best way to show up on Monday in your pyjamas without getting a query from HR… @jadorefashion
You can hardly ever go wrong in a classic trouser suit… so here’s how to wear it without actually doing too much… @doopie
A bit style-ish and a bit work-ish! Pairing a chiffon shirt with a midi skirt is effortlessly chic for work. Especially when it’s finished off with the right pair of shoes… @stylepantry
This look mirrors the one above except that you’re flaunting your toes in strappy sandals. It would be perfect on a Thursday, whatchu think? @amagodson_a
Now if you want to send the message “badass boss” to your work colleagues, then this is how to go about it… @rantiinreview
Skirt suits don’t have to be black, blue and boring! This one is an unforgettable look but you may want to ditch the hat… @s4de_u
If you’re going for a simple but elegant look, this one is for you. See how her bag perfects the look? @prissysavvy
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