5 ways the little black dress is the Ijebu garri of fashion

The little black dress is a staple statement in every style lover’s closet. Versatile and timeless, no closet is complete without this fashion must have. Pretty much like Ijebu garri.

Here are 5 things the LBD has in common with Ijebu garri.


The LBD has remained relevant in fashion, several decades after it was made popular by Coco Chanel. Though the cuts and styles vary season after season, one could wear a little black dress made in the 60s without looking like a walking #ThrowbackThursday ad. The same way Ijebu Garri has maintained a constant presence in the home of every Nigerian. We can bet Ijebu garri is actually the biblical manna that fell from heaven.


The LBD is the universal language for simple understated class. From Paris to Pretoria, Lagos to London, the LBD is recognised for its pride of place in every lady’s closet. Ijebu garri is also the universal language of Nigerians, no matter the part of the world they migrate to.


The beauty of the LBD is in its versatility, like a blank canvass that allows playful curiosity. You can dress it up or dress it down, accessorize or combine it with all colours.  Ijebu garri enjoys this luxury too. There is nothing garri cannot go with from groundnut to beans.


The LBD is a necessity in every lady’s closet. What else can you wear for your ex’s funeral and then straight to the after party you have organized with your friends? (because frankly, you aren’t all that sad he’s gone.) Same goes for Ijebu garri. Even those who claim not to eat it always have it stocked in their homes.



Simplicity is the reason we are in love with the LBD, the same reason we all love Ijebu garri.

All we are trying to say with this post is that owning a little black dress in your closet is just as important as having garri in your kitchen.

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