5 items that could finally replace your LBD

The little black dress is one fashion staple every woman above twenty one is absolutely required to own. The LBD’s versatility is the major reason it’s so popular, it lets you rock one dress to everything from a wedding, to a funeral to a birthday party. What if you told you do, there are 5 other items you could add to your wardrobe, that are just as versatile as the LBD? Actually that’s exactly what we are saying these 5 things are a must have for anyone who constantly gets into a style fix (that’s basically all of us).

  1. Dark wash jeans 
    It’s amazing just how many places you can get away with wearing a pair of dark wash jeans to, contrary to popular belief. A perfect pair should be able to go from a casual to formal outing with just a change of tops.
  2. Pencil skirt 
    Pencill skirts have ceased to be categorized strrictly as just office wear, and can now be worn casually making the number of occassions you are allowed to wear one limitless.
  3. Tailored pants
    A pair of  well tailored pants are just like the pencil skirt, perfect for any occasion.
  4. White button-down shirt
    It’s hard tot imagine a white button-down shirt being styled casually, but pairing them with your dark wash jeans is a foolproof way to rock them casually.
  5. The LFD (little floral dress)
    Infuse some colour into your wardrobe by replacing a couple of the dozen LBDs you have with a little floral or coloured dress.
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