Meerah’s Closet: Secret To My Flawless Skin

Lets talk about skin care


As you all know there is more to makeup than just having a flawless beat face, i never knew how important having a skin care routine was. Last year summer i went to Nigeria for holidays and while waiting for my flight, I browsed around the duty free to see what I could buy, there it was L’Oreal Revitalift. I have seen reviews on Youtube about this product but it was just one of those “eh products” i never really cared about, i don’t know what possessed me to buy them, but i love it and it as become a staple in my skin care routine.


The Day Moisturizer

when it comes to putting moisturizer on my face, i would use anything but when going to Nigeria i got this because it has a SPF of 25 and i must say i really love this moisturizer, I am blessed with good skin so when it comes to wearing foundation i don’t need to wear loads layers and i must say this product is amazing and i think you should get your hands on it if you can.

[ MTOTD – Makeup Tip Of The Day ]

Mix your moisturizer with your foundation to create a bb cream, your getting two in one. SPF for your skin + coverage


Eye Cream

I wont even try and lie, when the sales person was selling this to me, in my head i was like “when would i even use this cream self, i just want to waste money” but this as to be one of my best purchase of 2015 and if i had to pick what my favorite product is out of the three, it would have to be this eye cream. This as been a life saver for me, the cooling applicator cools your under eye while your applying the cream and with frequent usage it will help reduce the appearance of under eye bag and wrinkles if you have any.


IMG_2406[1]Revitalift Laser Renew Serum

The serum isn’t really my favorite, i feel since i came back to Ireland i don’t really use this product as much as i did when i was in Nigeria, i don’t know why. I use it now and then, but when i was in Nigeria this was a staple for me, and i could see results when i was using this product.


well guys this is all i have this week, till my next post.

Love You x



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