6 women share their most embarrassing gym stories

Every day we witness the most hilarious and embarrassing things happen to people at the gym, from wardrobe malfunctions to falling of treadmills. These 6 women shared with us the most embarrassing times they became the butt of all gym jokes for the day (or even week).


I was doing stretches with a couple of other people, one of them required us to bend forward. fingers on our toes and asses in the air, when all of a sudden I heard someone pollute really loudly, well the someone was me and everyone inched away from me immediately. I felt judged.


I used to follow a friend to her gym, I wasn’t crazy about fitness so while she worked out I would laze around and take a thousand selfies with their nice ceiling to floor mirrors and scope a group of hot boys who were pretty regular. One day they kept staring at me and whispering to themselves I kept flouncing around thinking I was being checked out. As they finally ‘casually’strolled past me, one of them went ‘ahan sister you no get job? na gym you dey come play’. I never went back.


I joined an aerobics class and wore a too small sport bra so my boobs kept slipping out. Instead of me to jejely leave I thought I could manage, and kept on using my hands as support when I could or to stuff my boobs back in when I couldn’t. I continued this till two older women came to tell me that what I was doing looked very somehow, while looking at me like ahn ahn! Agbaya like you, you should know better.


I fell of the treadmill and couldn’t get up, instead of someone around me to jump to my rescue, they stood round laughing at me for a full five minutes.


Was working out with someone I just jammed at the gym for the first time, after we were done he comes up to me and tells me softly, you really need to shave your armpits and left, I was too embarrassed.


Kept farting during my squats.

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