9 Rio’s Olympics opening ceremony uniforms worse than Nigeria’s

The 2016 Rio Olympics opening ceremony took place a couple of hours ago, and Nigerian sports men and women (glad they made it there) in all their glory, sported to the whole nation’s disappointments pretty regular tracksuits. However rumor has it, that these were the opening ceremony uniforms meant for the sports men and women which somehow mysteriously didn’t make it to Rio with them and we can’t emphasize just how glad we are that they didn’t.

For those who can’t get over how disappointingly the country was represented at the opening ceremony, we present to you uniforms from eight other countries that are guaranteed to make you feel better about ours.

 South Africa

Doesn’t this just make you  glad our flag’s colours are green and white.


















We can’t talk about the Olympics opening ceremony uniforms without recognizing team USA’s uniform, which in our opinion should be every country’s goals including Nigeria. We checked, and they don’t have two heads.

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