8 things we want to snatch out of Stephanie Coker’s closet

We don’t deny the fact that Stephanie Coker’s makes us go green with envy at how flawlessly she manages to pull of anything she dons. Well we trawled through her social media accounts and came up with eight things we would snatch out of her closet in a heartbeat if we could, and we are pretty sure you’ll do the same.

  1. This pastel pink leather baseball hat that seems to go with absolutely any outfit.Screenshot_20160706-183401_1
  2. This pink Victoria Lam Lovinni envelope shoulder bag.Screenshot_20160706-183415_1
  3. Her Fenty Puma creepersScreenshot_20160706-184003_1
  4. A pair of her ripped jeans that always fit so perfectlyScreenshot_20160706-190836_1
  5. These Banana Republic stripped pantsScreenshot_20160706-190841_1
  6. This jacket that’s perfect for the weatherScreenshot_20160706-191039_1
  7. This Wana Sambo dressScreenshot_20160706-191240_1
  8. And this Wanni Fuga Beryl topScreenshot_20160706-191533_1
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