15 very satisfying feels for all makeup lovers everywhere

For most women, taking off your bra after a long day, or finally finding the perfect pair of jeans have to be a couple of the most satisfying feelings on earth. But for all true makeup lovers out there, there is probably nothing more satisfying than these feels.

  1. When both your falsies go on perfectly, on the very first try.
  2. When you don’t have to clean your winged tip 99 times, and you get it right the first time around.
  3. And then there is when both wings of your eyeliner are perfectly even like God himself drew it on.
  4. Finally finding a shade of foundation that fits your skin tone perfectly.
  5. When you get a bunch of free beauty products, and not just any products but the good stuff, like Urban Decay.
  6. Those very rare days, your eyebrows actually turn out looking Pinterest perfect.
  7. When you beat your face so good, every single selfie you take that day bangs. tumblr_n5mdgoBpI81s8twh3o1_500
  8. When your contour blends perfectly with the rest of your makeup.
  9. When you try to copy a look you saw in a YouTube tutorial, and you get it spot on.
  10. When the dollar comes crashing down, and you can finally afford to buy Ruby Woo as well as eat again.
    We can only pray
    We can only pray
  11. When you walk into a MAC store in Lagos, and the sales girls actually offer good customer service.
  12. When all the eyeshadow colours you use blend perfectly into each other.
  13. When you put on mascara, and manage not to get any on the upper lid of your eye.
  14. When you find a perfect dupe for a beauty product you’ve been paying an arm and a leg for.
  15. When your makeup still bangs at the end of a very long sweaty day, so you know you stayed fabulous through out the day.

Did we miss any? Let us know below.

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