This Instagram MUA does makeup tutorials underwater (WATCH)

If you think you’ve seen all the quirkiness social media has to offer and you’re certain nothing can surprise you again, then we’re here to land a sledge hammer on your bubble.

In the same year that we witnessed the birth and death of feather eyebrows, squiggle eyebrows and other eccentricities in the beauty department, someone just caught us offguard with an underwater makeup tutorial…and it’s as real as real can get.

An Instagram account, @meplusfashion has been sharing videos (2 for now) of how to get your makeup done while immersed under water. The first video which seemed like the first trial of the “rough play” garnered over a million Instagram views and the makeup artist applied only lipstick.

The second seems well thought out and the artist is dressed in swimwear with a full makeup kit on hand to get her face bit. She even smuggled in mascara and seemed to have handled the application professionally.–/?taken-by=meplusfashion

While we watched, we could not help but ask a few questions with the most glaring being “how did she hold her breath under water for that long?” but the comment section was loaded with people even more confused than us.

We’d never understand:

But this person raises a major concern:

We have major reservations about this underwater makeup magic and would strongly advise that you do not try it at home.

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