We asked 6 guys what kind of makeup they could get into

With the rise and rise of male beauty bloggers on YouTube and Instagram, we’ve come to realize one thing, men can rock the hell out of a full face beat. While the idea of men wearing makeup remains foreign to most people (us included), we made these 6 men pick one makeup product, they won’t mind wearing if they absolutely had to.


Wait, what? Nahhh G. Lol, ok maybe concealer or is it foundation that makes you guys look like your faces have been airbrushed.


Hahaha, I don’t know maybe mascara, I have girly eyelashes apparently and  four sisters who never let me hear the end of it, one day one of them forced me to put on mascara, and I can’t honestly say I hated it.


Nail polish actually. Black nail polish all the time, lol is that weird?


My nose is big, I just need the ones you guys use to make your nose look smaller.


I’m not even waiting for the world to give me permission on this one, I’m going to do something about these my eyebrows one of these days. One of them is like two of J.Cole’s own, and yes I’m vain enough to care.


Give me all of it, everything! The thing is like witchcraft please, nobody can curve me if they are not seeing my real face.


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