Beauty 101: The 7-step guide to putting on lipstick

Beauty is work and even something as simple as putting on lipstick, has its own wahala. If you are not a beauty vlogger experienced in beating your face, you can follow these simple steps.

  1. Go over your lips softly with a toothbrush when you are brushing, to sort of exfoliate them. It doesn’t hurt to rub in a little bit of your moisturizer on them.
  2. Use lipstick primer, to let it stay on longer. If you don’t have lipstick primer, (because nobody buys lipstick primer anyway), you can put on some foundation on your lips first, to serve as a base.
  3. Use lip-liner. A lot of people avoid lip-liner because they end up looking like an 80s throwback. Especially when using a dark coloured lip-liner with a lighter shade of lipstick. To solve this problem, try and match your lip-liner with your lipstick. The purpose of using lip-liner to line and shape your lips is just to give your lips extra volume, and you can skip this step if you want. But everyone loves nicely plump lips. The trick is just drawing over the outer edge of your lips in light strokes, especially if you have very thin lips.
    I like this one.
  4. Use the lip-liner after putting on your lipstick and not before, this makes it easier for you to put on the liner. If you already have very full lips, don’t use your lip liner over the outer edges of your lips but just around the edges.
  5. Use a brush to apply your lipstick for precision.
    like this one
    like this one
  6. Smack your lips together after applying your lipstick, to just sort of seal it in. Don’t rub it together though, like when you put on lip balm.
  7. Dust a light film of white powder over your lips, through a piece of tissue for extra staying power. Remember not t0 use too much.
    Always remember.
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