Short Horror Story: You won’t believe how I lost my eyebrows

I have very bushy brows, like two times as bushy as Solange’s and it drives me crazy. I constantly have to shape or pluck or tweeze them into shape. The only problem is I hate the process of getting my brows shaped up. I hate every single one of them, using a razor, tweezing or threading.

I have very sensitive skin, so my brow region is always a red(sometimes bloody) mess up to two/three days after my shape up. So I decided to try a rather unconventional method my friend swore by, which involved hair removal cream, some masking tape and eyebrow stencils (recipe for disaster by the way).



So I used the eyebrow stencil, to trace and cut out the shape of  two brows unto the tape, then placed the cut out on my brows. I put on some of the hair removal cream on a tip of my finger and smeared it carefully (or at least I thought so) on the places I wanted to remove hair from. Waited about 5 minutes and then cleaned up the hair removal clean with a baby wipe and took of the tape.

I meant to wash my face to get rid of any leftover hair cream but then I picked up my phone and got lost in the rabbit hole that is Twitter for over an hour, then spent another on Instagram. By the time I remembered I wanted to wash my face, procrastination had set in and I decided to just wait for my evening shower.

It wasn’t stinging or itchy so I felt everything was fine. I took a nap and woke up to my face on fire. I jumped in the shower immediately and scrubbed hard at my face with some antiseptic soap, and when I rinsed the soap off, the rest of my brows came off with the water. I’m still not sure why or how, but I can’t step out of my house without using a pencil to fill them in, as I wait for them to grow back.

Meanwhile I have decided to keep the use of hair removal creams restricted to my legs and pits.

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