Beauty and the budget: 5 easy steps to doing your own makeup

Are you tired of spending the same amount of money you need to restock your entire makeup bag on one day’s makeup, just because you have no clue whether the concealer goes before the foundation or how these beauty bloggers get their faces to glow.

Here are 5 easy steps to becoming your own BMPro.

1. Buy all the good stuff

Seriously splurge on your makeup, you only do this like once in 6 months anyway (except you do like bridal makeup every day). All the people telling you there is no difference between Classic Powder and BlackUp are lying to you. You don’t have to go for the luxury brands all the time, especially if you really can’t afford to. Go for the drug store brands that are known for their cosmetics like Maybelline and Milani.

2. Google tons of You Tube videos

Google every single step; how to put on your eyeliner, how to put on your lipstick, every step. There is a lot of free information on the internet you could use to become a makeup artist supremo.

3. Practice practice practice

Use your face, use your mum’s, use your sister’s, just keep practising. Try out different looks, find out what products and routines work best for your skin and complexion. Practice makes perfect isn’t just a cliché, it actually works. Yes I know the ones going to makeup schools are not mad but if you are not looking to become a commercial makeup artist, you don’t really need that.

4. Go forth and slay

If your makeup is still shit after going through these 3 steps, then you can stick to professional makeup artists. But if you are a broke ass like me, these steps are sure to work.


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