6 beauty tips that will stop your man from leaving you

Going through breakups are horrible, especially when you are not the one who initiated it and you really want to remain in the relationship. So put a hold on the ice cream and chick flicks and tissues, these beauty/style tips should help you hold him down.

Full disclosure:

Before you read this post you should know I’m the patron saint of single people (literally Saint Theresa of Singledom), but it doesn’t hurt to try right?

  1. Red Lipstick.
    Put on red lipstick and ask him not to leave. No one can resist, the words that come out of a red lipped lady – Coco Chanel, 2016
  2. New Lingerie.
    If you are a pretty laces and bows kind of girl, maybe try leather for a change to switch things up. He might be into something new or going through a phase he doesn’t know how to tell you about (probably just read a book on bdsm).b76dfb1142371e4b6de52016718a23a2
  3. New boobs/butt.
    You don’t have to actually get a boob/butt job done. You have so many options; there are butt pads, and silicone padded bras and tons of stuff that help give the illusion that your body is like Kim K’s (you will be fine as long as you keep your clothes on.)
  4. Makeup overhaul.
    Dedicate as much time to your day to day makeup as Toke Makinwa, you can see it paid off for her.
  5. A new vagina.
    Do your kegel exercises. Tightening up your vagina always works (well except he’s leaving you for another guy.)
  6. Let your clothes speak for you.
    Go out with him, in clothes that subtly let him know that you are not ready to end your relationship anytime soon.
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