Choosing exquisite diamond rings for the lady of your dreams

Choosing the right engagement ring involves a huge decision on your part. It is not just a token of deep love, dedication, commitment, and the upcoming union but also the fact that you would be flaunting that brilliant masterpiece practically all your life, henceforth. You may be fascinated by the classical solitaire but you could certainly explore other stunning and contemporary alternatives. Choose a ring that complements your personality and style. Here are some striking engagement ring styles which are trending and would be gaining momentum beyond 2017.

A Symbol of Phenomenal Minimalism
A solitaire setting has always been fascinating. You could alternatively choose a ring with a striking center diamond, adorned with side stones as that could be stunning and alluring.

Matchless Halos for Brilliance
Halo setting has been in vogue for quite some time now. A row of dazzling gems would be attracting attention to the elegant center stone and this makes it look really bigger. It would be getting a whole new dimension in 2017 thanks to the elaborate and vintage-inspired designs or geometric patterns.

Colored Accents with a Grand Twist
Colored stones were a huge craze in 2016 and they are still dominating the engagement ring scenario in 2017. However, the quintessential single-colored stone would be making way for gemstone accents. Just think in terms of pink diamond halo or a diamond and emerald duo. Any two stone ring looks amazing, especially with a dash of color.

The Charming Edwardian
Engagement rings dating back to the Edwardian era seem to be hot favorites because of the femininity and intricacy. The hallmarks of the Edwardian-era rings are the use of the dazzling platinum, colored gemstones, diamonds, and elaborate details. You could choose a handmade antique or a striking vintage-inspired pattern. The distinctive charm and beauty of the Edwardian era exquisite diamond rings would keep you captivated.

Black Diamonds to Stand Out from the Rest
If you wish to steal the show, the surefire way of being the center of attraction is by flaunting black diamond ring. Many brides with an unconventional bent of mind would be attracted by the stunning black diamonds. It is associated with passion and certainty and that is the reason why it is chosen for an engagement ring.

Rose Gold Is Here To Stay
Rose gold is known for its beauty and femininity. It is very much in vogue. The beautiful soft hue of rose gold is great for all skin tones. Rose gold engagement rings are truly romantic and they are currently relishing the spotlight in today’s fashion scenario. More and more lovebirds are opting for rose gold wedding bands and engagement rings to infuse a distinctive touch to their wedding jewelry. Rose gold rings have become an obsession and are very much here to stay.

Summarily, shopping for your engagement ring could be an interesting experience. There is no reason to be skeptical about the entire exercise if you have the right amount of understanding and knowledge about diamonds and the rings in vogue. Your enthusiasm and excitement would cover up for your lack of knowledge and experience.


Author: Mandy Bular is an artist and jewelry designer. She has been designing elegant minimalist jewelry for the last two years and loves sharing her designs and referrals like on her blog.

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