Crochet braids, rescuing hairlines since 1999

Braiding, as much as we love it can be hell. The long hours, rude hairdressers and pain almost make it all not worth it. Not to talk about the toll it takes on your edges over time. Then one day, a beautiful human being who was probably just as fed up with the regular methods of braiding, came up with the miracle known as crochet braids.

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Crochet braids basically involves you, putting your natural hair into cornrows and using the crochet pin to attach any form of braids you want. You could use regular attachment like X-pression, or wool, or Marley hair. Actually you can attach just about anything you want to your hair that is capable of passing through the bottom of your cornrows.

Apart from the fact that the method of installation used in crochet braids takes a whole lot of pressure off your edges, crochet braids are also easy to make and maintain. With pre-braided/ twisted hair like Stephanie Coker’s Krochet Kulture, you can easily insert your crochet braids yourself, after your hair has been put into cornrows.


If you need a break from fixing your weaves with closures or leave outs, you seriously need to try out crochet braids instead. You could use weaves that come without a weft -the ones usually used for braids- , or cut off the weft of an old one you already have.


Give your hairline a break and try out crochet braids, your edges will thank you. And you don’t have to worry about getting bored, the hairstyle is rather versatile, letting you try out different hair textures and looks, using one simple installation process.

These are the best cornrow patterns for any crochet style you want to try out.


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