Edo, Igbo, Yoruba & America: This Nigerian couple’s culture inspired pre-wedding photo shoot is amazing (photos)

Top wedding photographer, FotosbyFola, has just shared Abimbola (Abby) & Michael (Mike)’s super cool photo session with us!


The lovebirds met in middle school ages ago and are getting married next year!


All four of their parents have different cultural backgrounds (Edo, Igbo, Yoruba & American) so they had a brilliant idea of paying homage to all the cultures on their engagement shoot.

“The first part of the shoot was all about how it started and so we made a trip to Miller Grove Middle School. This was an amazing shoot and a classic example how you can incorporate different aspects of “you” into an engagement shoot. Check out some images from the day and a little about the couple. Enjoy!” FotosbyFola tells us.

How it all started (Abby’s View):

We started the fake dating in middle school (7th grade – you do not go anywhere all you get is a title and gifts for valentine’s day and Christmas) it was the second semester and we had a week left in school. He asked me to be his girl and I agreed. In that 5 days of dating Mike, he was a very strong judgmental Christian that chastised me for every little thing I did that was wrong.

The last day of classes on the bus I broke up with him because I was not a fan of feeling like a heathen every time he was around. We remained friends and since we were both NERD’s we took several classes together and sat together. Through out high school we passed notes during class and flirted but I always turned him down on the date offers. As we attended college, he would text his usual weekly check up and being the diva that I am, I would give him the cold shoulder with a one word response “cool”, “good”, “fine”.


This continued till I started Pharmacy school. We became study buddies over Skype to help me stay up and study for exams. He will ask for a date whenever I was home, I would always say, “yea cool” but when I got home I never went on a date with him. Finally it was my last year of pharmacy school and I decided to go on this date so he can let me rest. We went to One Midtown and during the dinner as usual I was cold in my responses.

We ended up on the topic of God and discussed a class I was taking “Master Life”. Of course I became more involved in the conversation and we talked for hours. On our way home we continued our conversation on the phone and I invited him to church that Sunday. After church we went to brunch, the first restaurant we went to had HORRIBLE food. So I became really irritated (I don’t play with my food) and asked to go home but instead he took me to another brunch spot because he did not want me going home without a smile on my face. I invited him to bible study that Tuesday and the funny part is, that day was the day I noticed him.


My pastor always gives us passages to read in our intimate time with the Lord and we decided to actually read it together. We went to waffle house because I was hungry (I am always hungry LOL) and we fellow shipped with one another. It was a wonderful experience to expose yourself spiritually with another person is not something you should take lightly. I have known mike for over 15-16 years and for the first time I saw him in a completely different light. I guess people are right, “there is nothing like a God fearing man.” As time went quickly we started going out more, majority of our dates were dinner or brunch after church or an event held by church.


He became my prayer and accountability partner and I became his as well. At this point I could actually see myself with him because I could be my true goofy self. We are both God fearing nerds that love having fun and trying new things.

The proposal story (Mike’s View):

I had planned to propose to her Saturday in a hotel with petals all over, non-alcoholic wine (she stop drinking) and chocolate covered foods then dinner afterwards. Like it took me forever to set this up because if you know Abby, then you know that no one can successfully surprise her without her knowing the details. Tuesday, which was some days earlier than the day I had planned out for the proposal, she was having a horrible day. She was stressed out and very irritated so I came up with the idea of proposing earlier.

I text and called my family to inform them of my plans. I usually met with her on Tuesdays before and after my Master Life class so I figured if I could get her to a restaurant it would make her feel good. However, Abby assumed that I was doing the usual routine to cheer her up (she smiles with food, shoes and flowers). I usually forget my wallet in the middle console between the front seats so I asked her to help me get my wallet while I went to the restroom. I pretended as if I was walking to the restroom while she walked to the car.

In the console I had an index card that said open the trunk (she was oblivious because when I do things like this, it is usually because I have flowers and candy for her and I had some spelling errors of course she noticed but it wasn’t my fault I was rushing). She opened the trunk and in the trunk were red roses and with a note card saying will you marry me. Before she could walk around the car with tears in her eyes I was on my knees on the side of the car with the ring in my had asking her if it was a yes or a no.


She of course said yes. Took 15 years but I finally got the woman that I love to accept being my wife. We went back inside the restaurant to finally eat and she was so overwhelmed with joy that she did not touch her food. For a woman that loves food it is an accomplishment to know I can surprise enough to make her forget she was hungry. She called those close to her and informed them of the good news.


The beautiful woman who I saw frowning at the beginning of the date could not stop smiling and looking at her finger. She called both her mom and mine with excitement on her face, voice and actions. I successfully surprised her and I look forward to the many surprises in the future.

Abimbola + Mike Middle School love - Cultural Engagement Session | Atlanta Wedding Photographers | Fotos by Fola

Abimbola + Mike Middle School love - Cultural Engagement Session | Atlanta Wedding Photographers | Fotos by Fola

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