6 bra hacks you probably didn’t know about

Bras are a woman’s best friend, they give us support like no else can and even though they occasionally stab us in the heart, they always give our boobs the solid boost they need. But the only way they can do this is when we find our perfect size and fit. Check out these eight bra hacks to help you with that.

  1. When getting a strapless bra, get one that’s a size smaller than your usual band size, but is in your regular cup size. It’ll be uncomfortable, but it’s not for regular use and will give your boobs a nice boost in strapless clothes, and there’ll be no nip slips.
  2. Don’t go for a bra with “invisible”bra straps instead of a strapless bra, when you need one. Guess what the straps are not really invisible, we can still see them and they just end up making you look tacky as hell.
  3. Instead of shoving your bras into a drawer, keep them hanging on hangars in your closet, so that they retain their shape.
  4. If the back of your bra keeps riding up, then it’s probably too big. The cup size might be a perfect fit, which gives you the wrong impression that the bra is your size, but the band size is most likely too big. If the bra was a perfect fit at the band, but now rides up it’s time you got rid of that bra, you’ve had it for way too long.
  5. Bras come in several types and shapes, know the best for each occasion and outfit and buy accordingly. If you are wearing a low cut dress, you can’t be mad that your cleavage isn’t popping when you are not wearing a push up bra.
  6. Know your bra size. A lot of ladies don’t know their true bra sizes, this chart by “Her room” helps you figure it out easily.
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