Mad about plaid: 8 ways to wear the classic pattern this holiday season

Holiday fashion is hardly ever complete without a few essentials and plaid (or tartan) is one of them. In all its colour iterations, plaid dates back as that one fashion fabric that makes it to the forefront in many wardrobes at this time of the year.

Style bloggers across Instagram are whipping out their best plaid pieces this season and we’ve seen enough to inspire you to do same, or purchase ‘something plaid’ if you haven’t already.

From pyjamas to blazers or a plaid scarf, here are 7 ways to fully get in the season with plaid:


If styling your outfit with blazers is your thing, then it’s cool to own at least one in plaid that you can rock and rerock every other Christmas. J’adore Fashion wears hers in Christmas’ colours and pairs with skinny trousers and red bottom heels. This look totally works for ladies who want to steal some inspiration from menswear this season.


If we’re getting inspiration from Melania Trump, then we’re definitely on the right path. The United States First Lady wore a $3200 Calvin Klein long coat to greet the official Christmas tree last month and we haven’t stopped coveting it since then.


It’s a bit of drama and some! but hey, it’s Christmas and drama is completely permitted. Your co-workers will be shocked to see you rock red patterned shoes to the office party, a big break from your everyday black heels so go for it. It’s better paired with less dramatic clothing pieces as seen below.


This dress is as simple as any dress can get. Save for the ruffled shoulder, it’s really just another shift dress. But it’s plaid and everyone will know you’re in tune with trends if yiu step out like this. Trust us.


Plaid skirts are perfect in pleats, ask your Scottish neighbour. And we can’t think of a better way to wear it than this.


A not-so-subtle way to incorporate plaid this season is to throw it on as a scarf. We’re awed by Moni’s large flannel scarf.


There are only a few work days left in the year and it’s your opportunity to show off your style ‘wokeness’ to your colleagues in this high waisted plaid pants paired with a see-through blouse and boots. Festive but office-worthy!


Okay so, we haven’t been able to convince you to step out in plaid all post long. So just do it indoor with this undeniably pretty pyjamas and/or blanket.

Mad about plaid yet or nah?

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