Everyone’s wearing these addidas sweatpants and you should be too

Athleisure, is of of the few fashion trends we hope never goes out of style. With the fit fam struggle most of us are going through, any fashion trend that allows us go straight from a casual outing to the gym with barely having to change clothes is welcome, since it knocks off  one more excuse off your procrastination list to skip gym days.   The trend involves designers making clothes fit for both casual wear and sportswear. This trend is the reason it’s ok to wear your sweatpants or yoga pants all day long, and what’s better than being able to wear sweats everywhere? These Addidas sweatpants seem to be everyone’s go-to choice for rocking this season’s ultimate casual fashion trend, and we can see why.

Apart from the obvious reason that Addidas is the favourite sportswear brand of a good number of people, these sweatpants fit perfectly into the balance the athleisure trend tries to strike between casual wear and sportswear, plus how cool do they look when paired with literally anything?

Sweats and heels? Yes please

If you are looking to hop on this fashion trend, adding these sweats to your wardrobe seems to be a good place to start, and you can shop them on Asos.


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