Here’s proof coloured hair looks great on dark skinned girls

Dark skinned girls are forever being told about what not to wear, or what beauty trends not to try, and coloured hair is high up on the endless list of “dont’s “. We’ve heard thing like how we shouldn’t try blonde hair or anything that would be apparently too bright for our skin tone. So we’ve come up with proof for everyone to see that dark skinned girls rock the hell out of coloured hair.

  1. We can get away with purple…
  2. … in any shade.
  3. Seriously, literally any shade.
  4. We kill green too.
  5. And blonde.
  6. Who else could make pink look this badass?
  7. There is literally no colour you can’t try.
  8. Even turquoise.

So live a little, and try out coloured hair today.

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