Castor oil might just be the solution to your brows problem

Not all of us were blessed with full and lush brows like Solange or TY Bello, and so the brow drawing struggle every morning is something we can’t avoid. Seriously when you have brows like the ones pictured below, you don’t choose the makeup life, it chooses you so you don’t keep getting asked if you are sick.

But we think we’ve found a solution to your problem – Castor oil.

I talked about losing my brows in a DIY job gone wrong here, and I had been struggling with growing them back, a friend recommended castor oil but I just added it to the long list of recommendations I had gotten from other friends then. After trying all sorts of magical hair growth methods, I finally decided to try my hands on castor oil.

I applied a little castor oil on my eyebrows every night for a couple of weeks, and to my surprise I actually began to notice a difference. Now I’m not saying the castor oil forced the hairs to come out of my brow region, nothing can do that but the oil does aid the natural growth process of your brows.

Regarding consistency, it’s really thick so you should be careful not to use too much as that could clog up the pores around that region. I read somewhere that it also works great for lashes. I have very short and sparse lashes and recently started applying castor oil on them, I’ll let you guys know how that goes in a couple of weeks.

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