”How long does your girl spend making up?” We asked 9 men

We ladies love our makeup. We love our MAC and our Urban Decay, we love the process of laying our faces, the contouring and the strobing. But just how much do our men love or hate our makeup habits? We talked to 9 men about this, and their answers were interesting.

Onome, 29

I love my girlfriend to little bits and pieces, but this whole face beat thing ehn. If we have to be somewhere by 5 i have to tell her it’s for 2 and we’ll still be late.

Moyosore, 22

Lol I really don’t mind it, I love that she still feels the need to go through all the wahala for me, or at least I hope it’s for me sha.

Adewale, 25

Me I’m tired! Everyday face beat, face beat, face beat. The face no go rest? I’ve forgotten her real face sef. (On whether he had told her that?) Ehn! when I’m not mad.

Dapo, 25

Her whole makeup routine takes about 2 minutes. The only thing she puts on is lipstick. I really wouldn’t mind if she puts in more effort.

Olanrewaju, 26

I’m tired of washing out foundation and brown powder from my shirts and sheets. Have they not made the one that do not come off for you people yet?

Femi, 30

Ah! you have no idea how much this thing fascinates me. Anytime my sister starts like this, I can just sit down and be watching her. You people have time o.

Efe, 29

I’ll never tell my girlfriend this, but I love it. I love going out with her and seeing girls look at her like man, eyebrows so on fleek or face so laid.

Ajibola, 34

Please if me sef I could contour I would contour o, see as my face is just round. But for real though I love it, what’s not to love about pretty girls being made prettier?

Rilwan, 21

Abeg, you people will just be deceiving someone. I’ll go out now and collect Rihanna’s number, next thing she will sleep over and I’ll wake up next to Risikat.


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