Beauty 101: Taking the perfect selfie in 6 simple steps

We can’t believe we still have to discuss this topic in 2016. Some of us have already mastered the art of taking selfies, but for those who are still learners, this post is for you. And yes we know this post may be quite vain, but aren’t you tired of taking a thousand selfies and still not getting a good one to put up? (even if it’s just Whatsapp). Well here are some useful tips to help you get the perfect selfie.

This doesn't have to be you
This doesn’t have to be you.
  1. Know your angle. We all have a particular angle. So if you know the left side of your face is a solid 100 and the right side a 60, take all your selfies from the left. There is no shame in your game.
  2. Find bomb lighting. Lighting is everything, it literally makes or breaks our selfie game. Never take pictures in places with crap lighting, it’s just a waste of time.
  3. This tip is from the goddess of selfies herself – Kim Kardashian,- and she suggests you put on a flirty pout (so a duck face). Personally this never works for me, and I always end up looking like an idiot. But it doesn’t hurt to try right?
    Well it's debatable
    Well it’s debatable.
  4. Slap on a black and white filter. That shit makes anything look good (literally anything). A black and white filter could make you look like Genevieve Nnaji.
    Believe it or not, this isn't Genevieve
    Believe it or not, this isn’t Genevieve
  5. Buy an Iphone, honestly Iphone selfies just look way better. It’s time we android users stopped lying to ourselves.
  6. Crop out all the parts you don’t like. Sometimes, the reasons we delete a selfie is because just one part of it looks a little off. So next time that happens to you, crop out all the parts you are not comfortable with. Even if it’s only an eye left, at least that winged tip is on fleek.
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