How to deal with a bad hair dye job

First of all take large calming breaths and try not to murder your hairdresser.

Bad hair dye jobs are very common, especially when you try to do it yourself. Before you do anything drastic, like chopping it all off or even just hiding under the cover of scarves and wigs for the next couple of weeks while waiting for the hair to grow out, you can try these quick fixes.

  1. Dye it again. I know this is damaging, but you might have just gotten a bomb ass cut, you really want to show off for the next couple of weeks. Don’t try to fix it yourself at home, instead visit a hairstylist, who has some experience in dying hair.
  2. Hide your hair. There are so many hairstyles you could try out that will not require you to show off the bad dye job. You could buy a wig, or try out different crochet styles, not only would these styles hide your hair, but they are also protective. If all else fails, buy a turban, don’t worry they are in so you won’t look like your mother.
  3. Wait it out. If it doesn’t look like the one below, then it’s honestly not that bad. Think of creative ways to style it while you are waiting it out. If it does however look like this, then you should seriously consider getting a hair cut.
  4. You could try out this DIY treatment, but first of all a disclaimer. I have no idea if this truly works and I haven’t tried it out myself but sometimes your dye job can be so bad you probably have nothing to lose. Whip up a mix of dish soap and detergent, and wash your hair with it. Apparently this is supposed to strip your hair of the colour you just put in it. You are also supposed to do a deep conditioning immediately after to replenish the oils you’ve also stripped off. Once again I won’t be held responsible for anything this DIY job might cause.
    giphy (5)

To prevent bad dye jobs, use  temporary or semi permanent dye that will fade with time. Especially when you are not sure how the colour you picked will turn out, or if you are switching brands.

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