How to deal with sweaty under boobs

After under arm sweat patches, sweaty under boobs probably rank next on the list of most embarrassing sweat patches. In certain clothes and weather conditions, it’s almost unavoidable to get little sweat patches underneath your breasts. For some people, it’s really not such a big deal, and they just ignore it until it dries up. For people like me who sweat like Christmas goats, it’s a little harder to ignore since there is little to no chance of it drying up once we are outdoors in the sun, and we can’t possibly walk around like this.

If you are familiar with this struggle, these tips can help.

  1. Bra inserts
    There are little handy bra inserts like the ones below tailor made for this pesky little problem, but I couldn’t get them to buy anywhere in Lagos. So I tried this tip I got off Cosmo, and stuck panty liners on the insides of my bra and they work like magic. Towards the end of the day it’s gets really soaked and you start to feel grossed out, but it’s totally worth it.
  2. Deodorants
    I have a dozen and one friends with the same problem who swear that putting a little deodorant under their boobs helps with the sweat, but this didn’t work for me.
  3. Baby powder.
    I personally find that baby powder doesn’t work for me for long stretches, and it’s rather inconvenient for me to keep applying throughout the day. But if you have relatively small boobs, and your sweat glands don’t work in overdrive, this might be all you need.
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