4 style tips before you go on that blind date

Blind dates are no longer what they used to be, because internet plus Google. Except you do not know the name of a person you are going on a date with,- which would be crazy of you,- chances are, you are probably up to speed on the name of the potential’s niece (and her dog) before D-day.

After checking out your date on the internet, you are bound to get one of the following first impressions. Here are some style tips to help you prepare for any of them.

The Perfect date
First of all the perfect date is pretty much almost impossible, so keep digging. Meanwhile even though he might turn out not to be Idris Elba perfect, he must be pretty danm close and you want him to think the same about you. For this date, you can pull out that ridiculously expensive dress you both months ago but couldn’t find the perfect place to wear it to. I know you were saving it for a special occasion, but getting a new boyfriend  is a pretty special occasion.


The Creep
So you found out all his exes blocked him on twitter, and the only thing on his timeline is retweets of @dailysexposts, here is what you should wear – your nightie, because you are definitely sleeping in. Call to cancel and keep yourself busy with Sex and the City reruns. You just dodged a bullet, so there is no need to feel bad about it.


They usually aren't
They usually aren’t.

The Ghost

You found absolutely nothing about him on the internet. Not even an abandoned Facebook account from way back. So you don’t know what he looks like or the things he likes or whether or not he’ll be a creep or the perfect gentleman, but you are going for the date anyway because #SeizeTheBae2016. For this date you can wear your LBD that you’ve worn to every single office party. The dress is safe and sexy and if the date turns out to be a disaster you’ll feel good you didn’t waste any of your favourites on him, and if it doesn’t, at least you still look good.


The Player
You are still not sure whether or not he’s single. He told your friend that he is but there are more than three posts on his Instagram page with a particular girl. The problem is that the captions are too vague for you to know whether or not she’s his girlfriend or not. Captions like “Lunch with @xxx was fun today”. Aunty whether or not you want to admit, the truth is that’s probably his girlfriend and your date is probably a side chick application. You can go for the fun of it,and confront him about the pictures. If he hits you with the ‘she’s my cousin’ line, dig deeper before going on date number 2. For this date keep it fun and casual, wear something like a floral skater dress or fun culottes and a nice shirt.


Like the way he probably wants to keep your relationship
Like the way he probably wants to keep your relationship.
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