I went makeup free for a week and this is how it went

I’m a makeup addict, I can’t walk down the street to buy puff puff at 7 a.m on a Saturday morning without putting on makeup. Naturally I get the usual ‘you should use less makeup’ or ‘why are you hiding behind all that makeup’. So I decided to try going completely makeup free for a week, which is no easy feat for any makeup lover. Here’s how it went.


Walked into the office, and all my co-workers stared at me like

Barely made it to my desk before I was stopped by the first curious cat with a genuinely concerned “Hope all is well?”


Stopped at my mum’s office, she stared at me for 5 minutes before asking have you been crying. No mother, this what I look like when I fail to conceal my under eye bags.


Still getting concerned looks and questions from colleagues at work, along the lines of “hope all is well”. Had a meeting after my lunch break with my boss, where he told me I could go home if I wasn’t feeling too well.


Popped in to see bae at home after work, seeing me without makeup wasn’t new for him, but he called to tell me that the gate-man to his apartment building had called him aside to ask “No be madam be that? shey nothing do am?” after I left.

Segun looking at me like


Went for drinks with friends, and a guy attempting to toast my friend asked if I was her younger sister. I probably should have considered a weave for this experiment, I was sporting my natural hair in the spirit of going completely natural.


Chickened out of going for a party, till a friend came to drag me out. I didn’t get any odd or concerned glances, and it felt good to be able to clean sweat off my face without worrying if I had just wiped off half an eyebrow.


Went to church which was uneventful and then saw my folks after. My father asked if I was broke and needed money after taking a second look at my face.

No selfies were attempted during the course of this experiment. I just couldn’t bring myself to take any, but maybe next time. Will there be a next time? Most definitely, it felt good to allow my pores breathe during the day for a change.

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