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Hi I’m Boluwatife, and I’m a new naturalista in Lagos, which was a great thing for all of five minutes. I did the big chop about six months ago, as opposed to transitioning because I was sure I won’t go through with going natural if I didn’t commit fully to it.

The first couple of months were a joy, all that new healthy curly growth excited me, but I hardly rocked my own hair opting instead for wigs and braids till I obtained enough length to make up what I felt would be a respectable fro. Now before my hair grew long enough to be worn out, the only hair products I indulged in were a good shampoo, conditioner (both leave in and wash out), and coconut oil. Well it turns out that if I’m going to wear my own hair out, those products just won’t cut it. So I delved deep into the natural hair community on the internet, and came up with a list of products that will make sure my curls were popping at all times, the only problem is the total costs of all the products is almost half what I make in a month.


I got all the products (which consisted mostly of Shea Moisture’s products) I needed against all odds, and legit didn’t wear a wig or hide my natural hair under a protective style until the products around. My hair was unbelievable, it was soft and shiny and seemed to defy the humidity in Lagos. Once I ran out, I decided to search for cheaper alternatives, problem is they didn’t make my hair look like this. And please nobody should tell me I can achieve this look with ori, coconut oil and a spray bottle filled with water, because trust me I’ve tried.

Now I’m back to hiding under weaves and wigs, and the only thing I can think of, is if I’m not rocking my natural hair why even go through the stress of keeping it natural.

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