This Instagram stylestar just landed her first magazine cover at the age of 88

Baddie Winkle is on Instagram with 2.8 million followers just as your favourite music star. Only difference is she’s badass and we’re not even joking, she’s got modern-day sass, hangs with some of Hollywood’s biggest, has Rihanna and Miley Cyrus on her sprawling fan base and is well on her way to age 90.

When make-up brand, Urban Decay needed a muse for their beauty products in December, they called on Baddie Winkle. This because she’s not your everyday stylish lady, her style and beauty are defined on her own terms. 

When UK-based fashion retailer, Missguided needed a model for its Christmas campaign, the great-grandmother was the go-to. Donning a range of oversized faux fur coats, sequin dresses, mini skirts, statements and accessories, Baddie Winkle helped Missguided perfectly deliver on the concept of the campaign which sums as “Who says you can’t slay at any age?”

Now, the 1928-born granny with attitude has hit her first magazine cover and it’s for Stylist Magazine. The magazine describes her as a “modern-day heroine” because “she has come up against society’s age rules and prejudices, she has weighed them up, and she has given a massive ‘meh, not for me’ shrug”.

Baddie told the magazine how it all started:

I’ve always been a bold dresser but this all started with my great- granddaughter, Kennedy. She came home from school one day and took a photo of me in my cut-off shorts, tie-dye shirt and marijuana leaf socks – I didn’t even know what they were. Anyhow, she put it on Twitter. Within a week, the photo had gone viral and my life had changed. After that I became ‘Baddie’ – short for ‘Badass‘”

But the truth for Baddie is:

“I’m not 20 any more and I do get tired, but I never consider myself old. I just think you should always do things that keep you excited. My new career means I’m excited every day.”

 On her style, Baddie says she takes a lot of risks, improvises a lot and just likes to feel on the wild side of things and we totally agree with her. See for yourself:
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