Is stress acne really a thing?

A lot of women claim to breakout whenever they are in stressful situations, maybe when they get a new job or take on some form of added responsibility. But can you really blame your acne on stress? Is it possible for your mental health to affect you in such a manner? Turns out that according to science, it is actually possible, stress acne is a thing.

Basically this is how it works. When you get stressed, your brain releases a hormone which in turn triggers the release of yet another hormone which is associated with stress. So these stress hormones swim around your body with nothing better to do than wreck havoc on it, and this includes getting your sebaceous glands to work in overdrive. The excess oil your face is producing clogs up inflamed pores and the result? Acne.

So if you start breaking out, before attacking your acne with expensive facial products, you should examine the situation first. Do you have a new boss who’s a total ass, or did your mother-in-law just move in with you?

Finding a way to alleviate your stressful situation is the first step to clearing up your face.

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