4 reasons your perfect diet plan isn’t helping you lose any weight

Its been weeks -maybe even months- since you got on your new diet plan. You’ve been unbelievably disciplined, sticking strictly to the plan without even indulging in any cheat days, yet somehow you are seeing absolutely no improvement, in fact you are even adding on weight. Well here’s probably why.

  1. You are cutting out carbs completely
    Most diet plans treat carbohydrates like the enemy. Even though they contribute to weight gain, cutting them completely out of your diet won’t help with healthy weight loss either, as your body needs carbs more than you might realize.
  2. Not eating after 6/7/8 p.m 
    Sorry to break it to you guys but not eating meals after these times, does absolutely nothing for you.
  3. Cutting out fatty foods
    Just like with carbs, cutting out fatty foods completely from your diet honestly does more harm than good. We are not saying you should double your fat intake, cholestrol diseases are real.
  4. Going on one too many detox plans
    Your body already has its own detoxification system, going on a cleanse every other week might seem to help you lose weight quickly but it’s usually not long term, as you end up losing mass which is a major contributor to your metabolism rate.
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