How much should you spend on your makeup?

Have you ever sat down to calculate how much you spend on your makeup monthly? Even on the drug store brands that are supposed to be cheap, just how cheap are they?

Let us do a little exercise, calculate how much everything in your makeup purse costs (I’m not talking to the eyeliner and lip-gloss girls). For some of us we could probably use the cash equivalent to buy a little plot of land. So just how much should we be spending on our makeup supplies? And what should determine this amount? For most people the amount is dependent on their incomes, for some their partners’ incomes and a lot of us just spend regardless of what is coming in.

I know a lot of girls who replace their foundation before their groceries. Where do we draw the line? How much of our monthly income should we spend on makeup? For most people, when buying makeup, our logic is that it is for the long haul, and we’ll be using that particular product we spent an exorbitant amount of money on for the next couple of months. But the very next time we find ourselves in a makeup store we are buying another item we have convinced ourselves that we need. So what do you think guys? How much do you spend on makeup right now, and how much do you think you should be spending?

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