7 beauty secrets you ought to be ashamed of

Got held up at Ikeja City Mall by Lagos Traffic the other day and I decided to do my blogging duties to pass away the time. I went round the mall asking people about their most disgusting beauty secrets. I started with mine which is letting hair collect on my hair brush till its literally unable to be used again.

I got some refreshingly honest answers which I have listed below

I haven’t washed my makeup brushes…ever – Anu

If this is you, get out a bowl of water and soap right now (you disgust me). Letting makeup collect on your brushes month after month is probably why you are breaking out.

I share a razor with my husband – Gbemi

This is beyond unhealthy for so many reasons I shouldn’t still be recounting in 2016. Please get your own razor for goodness sake all you Gbemis out there.

Really, it is.
Really, it is.

I still pop my pimples- Rachel

Ok so this might not be disgusting, and we are really all guilty of this. But it’s really bad for you and as hard as it might seem to resist this, it would be better for you to break this habit asap. It doesn’t stop you from breaking out and it causes scarring.

I pluck out my nose hairs – Fatima
I’m not sure what to say about this. Just stop. Please

I rip out my fixed nails with my teeth – Barbara
Uh how? Why? Doesn’t it hurt? Except they were coming off, then you get a pass.

I bite my toenails  – Folake, 23

I don’t shave my legs – Sikemi
Really? In 2016? There is no greater feeling than that silkiness of freshly shaved legs trust me.

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