6 nighttime beauty habits you should never skip

The most important part of your daily routine is your nighttime beauty habits. An improper nighttime routine is the major cause of whatever skin problems you might be dealing with or may have dealt with. These beauty tips will help you in establishing a proper routine.

  1. Whether it is your natural hair or your weave, put in a bit of leave-in conditioner in your hair before you sleep. You will wake up with well moisturised hair, which will help cut down the amount of time you will spend styling your hair by half.
  2. Swap your cotton pillowcases for silk, they might be more expensive but they are a long time investment. Not only do they prevent your hair from losing moisture to your pillowcase, they also won’t give you crease marks on your face which cause wrinkles in the long run.
  3. Always moisturize. Moisturizing at night is way more important than doing it during the day. If possible, get a moisturizer that will be used specifically at night, they are usually lighter and deeply moisturizing.
  4. When removing your makeup, make sure all of it comes off. Use a wipe both before and after washing your face to get rid of any excess makeup.
  5. Get your 8 hours sleep. Getting a good night’s rest is usually underestimated, but lack of sleep takes a toll on not just your health but your appearance. Go to bed early and wake up early, instead of keeping late nights.
  6. No matter how tired you might be, take a quick 5 minute shower before bed to wash off all the sweat and dirt of the day. Taking a warm shower before you go to bed, will also help you sleep better.
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