You really need only 7 makeup brushes

If you are just getting into makeup, then you’ve probably spent half of your monthly paycheck getting all the perfect products already. If you haven’t gotten your brushes yet, you should know that getting a pack of 24 or 32 is completely unnecessary/ And actually a waste of money because you are gong to probably end up never using half of the set. Instead of buying a whole pack, these are the only brushes you need.

  1. Foundation brush
    I raved about using the beauty blender for perfect application of your foundation last week, but the truth is the blender will waste a ton of your foundation, and you spend too much money on it for that kind of waste. So invest in a good foundation brush, and you might not even need to use a beauty blender to touch up your makeup after.
  2. Powder brush
    A good powder brush works perfectly with both loose and pressed powders, it could also double as a blush brush.
  3. Contour brush
    With the perfect angled contour brush, it’ll amaze you just how much better your contour game can be.
  4. Spoolie/ Brow brush
    You need this both before and after filling your brows in either with a pencil or brow gel to define your brows and make them not look like you used a crayon to fill them in at the same time. To save money, get a double ended one like the one below, the bottom part is for concealing your brows after filling them in.
  5. Eye-shadow brush
    You know those little white headed applicators that come with your eyeshadows, they suck at actually being used to put on eyeshadow. Get a good eyeshadow brush to make sure your lids have a smooth finish.
  6. Lips brush
    This works better for putting on your lipstick perfectly than straight out of the tube. If you already have that down, then you might not need this.
  7. Liner brush
    For the perfect winged tip, everytime and since most of the liner brushes that come with the gel liners just don’t cut it.
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