Mac not flowers: 6 gift items your woman wants but won’t tell you

A lot of guys find it hard to pick out gifts for their partners, and even those who don’t seem to find it hard, never really get it right.  Instead of asking her what she wants, which is always such an awkward question, here are a list of things your partner really wants, but won’t tell you:

  • Makeup: Find out what shades of powder, foundation and concealer she uses. Diamonds are no longer a girl’s best friend a full makeup bag is. Trust me nothing says true love like renewing her whole makeup supply, and if you buy only Mac that’s as good as a marriage proposal
  • Weaves/Wigs: Ever looked your partner in the eye, when she gets a new weave delivered? Nothing else can put that type of joy in it (except you of course). Get your partner 3 bundles of 20 inches straight Filipino weave and watch her fall in love with you again.
  • Hair Conditioner: Yes really. If you partner is a naturalista, getting her a ton of her favourite conditioners and oils tells her you care about both her and her mane, which is really her second love.
  • Your Cooking: Even if it is indomie you cook, set the table, buy her favourite wine and cook something for her. Let her feel spoiled, it might be shit but she’ll know it came from a good place.
  • Lingerie: This is normal for some guys, but a lot of Nigerian guys avoid buying these kind of intimate gifts. Splurge on some nice lingerie for her, nothing makes us feel sexier. And if you really think about it, this gift is more for you than her.
  • Clean her apartment: If she has one. Chill before you go abeg abeg abeg I’m not asking you to become her regular cleaner, you know deep down this is a really sweet gesture. P.S: If you know it’s not the kind of thing she’ll ever do for you though, don’t do it for her.


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