Chanel No 5, Dior Addict…We asked 10 men what their least favourite female perfume is

When buying perfume, we ladies put a lot of things into consideration like just how much we like it’s smell, or how much it costs for broke asses like me.

Sometimes we buy out of habit, sticking to the same brand we’ve been using for ten years, and once in a while the thought “will bae like it?”, crosses our minds -at least for those who have one-. So we asked 10 men what their least favourite, and least of their partners’ is, and while we know that people’s taste are subjective the answers were interesting.


Lol my girlfriend will kill me, but I hated her Daisy by Marc Jacobs and it was her favourite. I never told her, I just kept buying new bottles of perfume for her, until she found a new favourite.


Has to be her Dior Addict, hated hated hated it.


Flower by Kenzo, I’m sorry baby it just reminded me of my mother.


Ugh her D&G Pour Femme it has a sickly sweet vanilla smell, I hate. The worst part? She still uses it, I’d have told her but I like my balls.


Britney Spears Fantasy, maybe it’s just me but it reminds me of cheap perfume.


She had this Prada perfume called Candy, that smelled like actual candy, which would have been fun if I was a ten year old fat kid who loved sweets, but I’m not ten and I hate sweets so naturally it drove me crazy.


Lol uh Envy by Gucci, but the only reason I hated it when my girlfriend used it was because it’s my ex’s favourite.


Pink Macaroon by DKNY, I can’t place a finger on what exactly about it drives me nuts, but something does.


Miss Dior Cherie. It’s not like I hate it, but it’s my mum’s favourite and I can’t have bae smelling like my mum, it’s disturbing.


Chanel No. 5 



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