Sisiano debuts a stripped down menswear series with new collection Lino

Yesterday we debuted the Lei Series, a new womenswear collection by Nigerian fashion label Sisiano that marks the end of a three year long Ms. Green concept, and the start of a newer simpler silhouette for the Sisiano woman. The collection raised many questions for us; what had been the catalyst for this auspicious shift in ideology and concept and brand aesthetics? It also made us wonder if the label was ditching the conventional fashion calendar for a more play-by-ear approach to releasing and marketing collections. The label’s complementary menswear collection is only adding to the furore.

The new menswear collection sees the label ditch its old conceptual muse; a man named Sandru for Lino, a name of portuguese origins. The label describes the new collection as ‘a telling of our lives’ and the styling and shoot shows a more artistic side to the label.

This change of muse and aesthetic is obvious in the cuts and construction of the pieces. No longer driven by a need to streamline the menswear and womenswear looks, the Lino collection is Sisiano’s most accessible, featuring easy to wear tunics, shirts and shorts. Many of Sisiano’s design elements (cut-outs and sheer inserts, pockets and draping that hide extra volume) make it into this collection but they are far subtler than we’ve come to expect from the designer.

There is also some abstract embroidery in this collection that reminds us vaguely of JZO Fashion’s Aremo collection, but its an interesting trend that we’d like to see more interpretations of.

Never thought I’d say this, but a commercial Sisiano makes some serious sense.

Photo Credit: 

Photography: Jerrie Rotimi

Models: Wiljoe and Anthony Ukheleigbe of Beth Model Africa

Body Art: Marie


Lino Lino 11 Lino 2 Lino 3 Lino 4 Lino 5 Lino 6 Lino 7 Lino 8 Lino 9 Lino

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