We asked 5 women about their most embarrassing beauty mishaps

From botched eyebrow jobs to unbelievably disastrous makeovers, these eight women’s beauty mishaps are hilarious and relatable.


I let my friend who was supposedly a “MUA” give me a makeover the night of a first date. I was nervous about the date, and I’m pretty shit at doing my own makeup so I let her do whatever on my face. My house is pretty dimly lit, and I didn’t get a proper look at my face until I glanced at a mirror on our way into the restaurant. Long story short I didn’t get to go on a second date.


I have a ton, but the most memorable was when I was out on a date and I was trying to open up the back off my phone, one of my fixed nails popped out and hit my date in the eye.


I went through a party I attended alone, with a shitload of lipstick on my teeth. People are actually terrible, nobody told me and I only discovered it when I went to the bathroom.


I was being a cheapskate and let my older sister shape my brows for me. I ended up with a perpetual look of surprise on my face for weeks.


So I tried a buzz cut because of tumblr oh, there were just so many gorgeous girls on there trying it and I was like you know what that won’t look bad on me. Well it did, and I had to tie a scarf just to get from the salon to my house. I’ve been wearing wigs for weeks now waiting for it to grow back.

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