Street Style: With love from Ikeja

Lagos malls are a great place to find style inspiration, so we prowled the Ikeja city mall looking for some. We actually found a couple.

Nneoma, Kimberly, Emma

The first is Nneoma, she’s 13 and loves to dance, then there’s Kimberly who’s fourteen (don’t you just want her crop top) and loves to sing too, then there is Emma who’s 13 and is a great singer. They are all in Chrisland (Year 9) and they came to the mall to chill.


I stopped Adeboyin because of her adorable blue bag, unfortunately it was a gift and she could not tell us where to get it. She’s 21, a law student and beautiful singer (she actually sang for me). She’s interning nearby and was just in the mall for her lunch break.
DSCF2625 (2)


Jola is 19 and schools in Abeokuta. She’s trying to get a degree in tourism so naturally she loves to travel. She was in Lagos for the Christmas break and was meeting up with some friends at the mall.

There were these two beautiful girls, I fell in love with how the first girl looked.

The Nike Guy

Lol so I forgot to get his name, but he’s a photographer and is usually at the mall taking pictures. He also sells flowers guys (February is around the corner), so if you see him at the mall stop him and get some for bae or your mum for the single pringles.

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