#GTBankFashionWeekend: Street style suggestions according to fashion influencer, Ifeanyi Okafor Jr.

You waited for it and it’s only few hours away.

Actually no, it has kicked off already – at least, the masterclasses.

GTBank Fashion Weekend 2017 is here to dominate fashion conversations and upend the industry status quo; the latter being possible only if the 2-day event lives up to the hype.

But that’s not really your problem for now, you’re yet to decide what to wear because:

  1. too many amazing options in your wardrobe
  2. you must outdo all your looks for LFDW
  3. indecisive is your actual middle name
  4. slaying requires deep thinking and quality decision making skills

Well, it looks like help is here. Fashion influencer, Ifeanyi Okafor Jr. is no amateur at this slaying thing and generous enough to allow you copy his style or at least, draw inspiration.

So, here’s how you can style way to magazines and blogs this fashion weekend, with help from Ifeanyi Okafor Jr. and assisted by us:

Extremely weather-appropriate look plus very fashionable too
This look isn’t hard to pull off. We wonder why you haven’t gone with it yet…
Feeling a little dung-a-rees? You’ll never go wrong with the bag.
Print suits will get the right measure of attention at fashion weekend. Just do it!
Switch up that otherwise bland look with a print waist jacket and all the spotlight will be on you
We’d totally show up like this if we were you.
Errrr, in case you’re feeling a bit extra. Your excuse will simply be “Oh I was at a wedding earlier…you know how Saturdays work”
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