4 reasons the Sunday service is the biggest fashion event in Lagos

The Lagos Fashion and Design week is arguably the biggest fashion event in Lagos every year. Apart from the LFDW, there are several other fashion events that happen in Lagos frequently that for some reasons, do not receive as much attention. Some are popular, some are not, some are recognised and some are not.

One of these fashion events, one that is actually rather big and regular but not as popular as it should be, is the Sunday Service. And for me the Sunday Service is the biggest (and most regular) fashion event in Lagos. What other fashion event occurs weekly anyway?

For a lot of Nigerians, going to church is the most important event of the week and Sunday services are not to be missed. Wearing their Sunday’s best to church is taken quite literally, and you will hardly find them not dressed to impress. For me these are the reasons why the Sunday Service is Lagos’ biggest fashion event.

  • There is no better place to discover the latest fashion trends. Being a weekly event, the attendees ensure to keep their closets up to date to ensure they are not left out.
  • It’s absolutely free, and we all know there is nothing better than free stuff.
  • It’s pretty regular and just as big every week.
  • There is no front row, hence you don’t have to be a member of fashion’s elitist club to belong.

From the youths to the elderly, no one is left out of this movement and these pictures are proof that Sunday Service is a huge fashion event in Lagos.







Photo credit: houseontherockchurch

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