12 feels you’ll go through when you get waxed for the first time

For anyone who’s new to waxing or has never been waxed, the major reason you avoid it or have been putting off even though you know it’s easier and leaves you with a cleaner, smoother finish is how painful it can get.  Even though this pain is usually mostly exaggerated by people who probably haven’t been waxed before, anyone who just got waxed for the first time or even regulars can recognize these 12 feels from the first time they got waxed.

  1. When you keep complaining about other hair removal methods not being effective, and a friend suggest you try getting waxed.
  2. When the finally decide to get waxed because razor burns and ingrown hairs have covered the entire expanse of your pubic areas.
  3. Your face after reading up on it, to prepare and you stumble on one or two horror stories.
  4. This is an estimate of how many times you change your mind, before finally deciding to get it done.
  5. When your best friend has to drag you in because you keep chickening out.
  6. The pep talk you give yourself just before you go in to get waxed.
  7. When the person who’s to wax you asks you to spread your legs or raise your hand.
  8. This is you bracing for the pain after the wax has been spread and is about to be yanked off.
  9. How painful you expected it to be when it’s finally done…
  10. …versus how painful it really is (ok not every time)
  11. How you stare at the waxed area after you are all done.
  12. You waiting impatiently for your next appointment, once you see a hint of stubble in the area(s).
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