The 8 step guide to surviving shopping in Balogun

Shopping in Balogun is unavoidable for bargain lovers like myself. No matter what it is you are buying, from hair to fabric, you can be rest assured you are bound to get the best deals in Balogun. However for me shopping in Balogun is quite the ordeal (borderline traumatic to be honest).

But it doesn’t always have to be like that, so here are some tips for surviving shopping in Balogun with your sanity in check.

  1. Go early. If possible try and go to the market around 9/10 before it starts to fill up even if it means you helping the seller open shop.
  2. Make a list. Know exactly what you are going there to buy, Balogun isn’t the mall so you can’t wander around leisurely hoping to stumble on one or two things you like, you’ll only get frustrated.
  3. Find out exactly where you are going to before venturing out. Don’t enter the market blind or you will end up spending double the amount of time you intended to spend at the market.
  4. Walk with a purpose, like you know exactly what you are in the market for and where you are going, even if you don’t. Looking lost, is the first sign of a JJC and JJCs get charged double the cost price of everything.
  5. Carry a bag you can keep close and hold on tight to. If you don’t know why you need to do this, you’ve probably never been to Balogun and shouldn’t go alone on your first time.
  6. Don’t follow anyone to their shop that is just “around the corner”, it’s a trap. You’ll end up being led through an endless journey of twists and turns and we can guarantee that the seller won’t have what you want.
  7. You had better price in Yoruba, if you can’t speak Yoruba go with someone who can. Refer to any elderly looking seller has Mummy/Daddy, if you are lucky it might just help you beat down the price of whatever you are buying.
  8. If you are coming from the abroad drop your accent at Tinubu Square, it can’t help you here.
    What the sellers see once you talk

Have any other useful tips? Please let us know


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