The Igbo bride and her Yoruba Groom: All the Photos from Onome & Lolu’s marital rites


Get ready for a long ride with Onome and Lolu’s beautiful love story and wedding photos which happened a few months ago.

From their ‘Formal and beach side‘ pre-wedding photos to the ‘Igbo bride meets her Yoruba groom‘ traditional wedding photos and of course the white wedding courtesy of Ice Imagery , we have got you covered.


Onome & Lolu WEDDaily002

Onome & Lolu WEDDaily003

Onome & Lolu WEDDaily004

Onome & Lolu WEDDaily005

Onome & Lolu WEDDaily006

Onome & Lolu WEDDaily007

Onome & Lolu WEDDaily008

Onome & Lolu WEDDaily009

Onome & Lolu WEDDaily010

Onome & Lolu WEDDaily011

Onome & Lolu WEDDaily012

Onome & Lolu WEDDaily013

Onome & Lolu WEDDaily014

Love story:

The groom, Lolu, shares with us their love story:

How They Met: It had been a relatively boring day and all a young man who just defended his project could do was sleep. I got a call from my pal Nubi about a party at Ikeja GRA, “oh well, this should be fun” I thought to myself as I got into my bro’s car and headed to Ikeja. When we arrived, there was a pretty lady in a pink top and blue jeans there to greet us in. We got in, had a few drinks, met a few people and two hours later was on my way home. I stopped by the lady in pink to thank her for inviting me and I picked the scent of her fragrance, “you smell nice” I said and she smiled back saying thanks. Little did I know she would one day be my wife.

The Proposal: It was a Sunday afternoon and I was meant to be back in Port-Harcourt, at least that’s what she thought. I made a surprise visit to her at home knowing she would be back from Church, and found my way to the living room where she was watching a movie on her laptop. That was surprise No1. I bought a couple of stuff for her – two jumpsuits, a chicwizz sandwich (which she absolutely loves) and of course the ring. With each passing hour I gave one gift after the other till it was only the ring left. Surprise No2.

Of course I kept the ring out of sight till it was about time for me to leave, I then got on one knee and pulled out the ring. She sat there staring at me for about a minute, then she said “Lolu, I hope this is not some kinda joke?” Of course I laughed and said “No baby, would you marry me?” Surprise No3!!

Of course she said Yes, if not we wouldn’t be writing this, would we?

Advice to other Couples:  Take your time, have fun, enjoy the moment, pray together

Congratulations to the lovely couple!

Traditional Wedding


Onome & Lolu Traditional WEDDaily001 Onome & Lolu Traditional WEDDaily002 Onome & Lolu Traditional WEDDaily003 Onome & Lolu Traditional WEDDaily004 Onome & Lolu Traditional WEDDaily005 Onome & Lolu Traditional WEDDaily007 Onome & Lolu Traditional WEDDaily008 Onome & Lolu Traditional WEDDaily009 Onome & Lolu Traditional WEDDaily010 Onome & Lolu Traditional WEDDaily011 Onome & Lolu Traditional WEDDaily012 Onome & Lolu Traditional WEDDaily013 Onome & Lolu Traditional WEDDaily014 Onome & Lolu Traditional WEDDaily015 Onome & Lolu Traditional WEDDaily016 Onome & Lolu Traditional WEDDaily017 Onome & Lolu Traditional WEDDaily018 Onome & Lolu Traditional WEDDaily019 Onome & Lolu Traditional WEDDaily020 Onome & Lolu Traditional WEDDaily021 Onome & Lolu Traditional WEDDaily022 Onome & Lolu Traditional WEDDaily023 Onome & Lolu Traditional WEDDaily024 Onome & Lolu Traditional WEDDaily025 Onome & Lolu Traditional WEDDaily026 Onome & Lolu Traditional WEDDaily027 Onome & Lolu Traditional WEDDaily028 Onome & Lolu Traditional WEDDaily029 Onome & Lolu Traditional WEDDaily030 Onome & Lolu Traditional WEDDaily031 Onome & Lolu Traditional WEDDaily032 Onome & Lolu Traditional WEDDaily033 Onome & Lolu Traditional WEDDaily034 Onome & Lolu Traditional WEDDaily035 Onome & Lolu Traditional WEDDaily036 Onome & Lolu Traditional WEDDaily037 Onome & Lolu Traditional WEDDaily038 Onome & Lolu Traditional WEDDaily039 Onome & Lolu Traditional WEDDaily040 Onome & Lolu Traditional WEDDaily041 Onome & Lolu Traditional WEDDaily042 Onome & Lolu Traditional WEDDaily043 Onome & Lolu Traditional WEDDaily044 Onome & Lolu Traditional WEDDaily045 Onome & Lolu Traditional WEDDaily046 Onome & Lolu Traditional WEDDaily047

White Wedding

Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily001Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily002Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily003Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily004Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily005Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily006Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily007Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily008Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily009Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily010Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily011Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily012Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily013Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily014Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily015Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily016Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily017Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily018Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily019Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily020Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily021Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily022Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily023Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily024Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily025Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily026Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily027Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily028Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily029Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily030Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily031Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily032Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily033Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily034Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily035Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily036Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily037Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily038Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily039Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily040Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily041Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily042Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily043Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily044Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily045Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily046Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily047Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily048Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily049Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily050Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily051Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily052Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily053Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily054Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily055Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily056Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily057Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily058Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily059Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily060Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily061Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily062Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily063Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily064Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily065Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily066Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily067Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily068Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily069Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily070Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily071Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily072Onome & Lolu White WEDDaily073

Wedding Date: 25-04-15
Wedding Venue: Villa Park Hotel
Colours: Fuschia Pink & Navy Blue
Makeup & Hair: Jasmine Beauty World @jasminebeautyworld
Photography: Ice Imagery ~ 08125224466, 08116831810 ~ [email protected]@iceimagery
Wedding Planners: White Oasis ~ @whiteoasisng


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