How a wedding guest’s search for a photographer led her to Mr. Right

Blogger Morountodun is so ready to be addressed as a Mrs.


The soon-to-be bride who will exchange the marital vows with the man of her dreams in a few weeks wants the world to know how excited she is…and we are glad indeed for her!


What gladdens our heart even more is her love story.

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How Todun met her Mr right:

We met at a mutual friend’s house 4years ago here in Ilorin. The friend had just graduated from the university and was hosting a house party.

I needed someone to take a picture of me with the celebrant on my phone, and he was the first person my eyes caught so I walked up to him and asked him.

He was also the only one at the party that I had never met before, so we got talking along the line and exchanged numbers.

Later he asked me out, saying he had been praying to God and I was meant for him. He was (and still is!) well-spoken, pleasant, extremely intelligent and good-looking, but I was very skeptical as he was older than I would have liked

Still I prayed too, asking God to protect me and never let us be if it wouldn’t work. Obviously, it was meant to be, and here we are, planning our wedding four years later!

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The proposal story:

It happened during his birthday earlier this year. I took him out for dinner with a few friends. Unknown to me, he had planned with the friends and even the manager of the venue.

After we ate, it was time to cut the birthday cake, and I was surprised when another cake was being brought to our table. I said, “Sorry, wrong table,we already have our cake here.”

I glanced at the cake that was brought and it had my name on it..’Morountodun will you marry me?’ and next thing I knew, my beau was on bended knees with the most beautiful ring ever!


I barely listened to the speech he gave, I was so deeply touched. Well, to be honest, I knew we would marry someday, but was genuinely surprised at that moment cos we had planned the whole birthday together and he somehow managed to keep the proposal a secret from me!

Thank you for sharing your beautiful story with us Todun, we can’t wait to feature your wedding!

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