TY Bello’s Take On: Bimpe Onakoya

The first thing that hits you when @bimpeonakoya walks into a room is how tall she is.

Nothing prepares you for that. And just as you’re about to feel small or intimidated, her cheeks roll up to reveal this gap toothed smile followed by, ‘How would you like the makeup today?’, ‘TY im looking at this face and I’m thinking we should…..’

I’ve learnt to trust Bimpe’s, ‘I’m thinking we shoulds…’ I know I can follow her. Even though I know the makeup is going to be different every time. She gets it. She understands her subjects face. And more importantly, what that face yearns to be saying. I love watching really talented artists at work. This maestro in particular stands over and slightly to the side as she uses textures and tones, highlights and shadows and sometimes unconventional methods to paint-on a facial story and her stories are believable.

The first converts always being her subjects. It’s always a joy to watch peoples auras transform when Bimpe helps them rediscover their cheekbones, their smile, a dimple… Or just that ‘something’ with no contour lines in sight.


Bimpe is the truth! I’ve spoken to so many photographers and we all agree. It’s not only the makeup that has us all excited, it’s her beautiful spirit and her commitment to YOUR work. When she’s in on a shoot with you, she’s all in. She cares about the image as much as you do. When @completefashionmag decided to have Bimpe on the cover of their Beauty edition, it was a yes from everyone. The studio has never been fuller. Top models, Makeup artist, hair, etc. Every one happy to be part of her story somehow.

It is rare to have someone like her step forward from behind the scene so I knew I had to put her Essence in proper context in my art direction. We all put in our best.

So here she is @bimpeonakoya. She’s been a mother to so many in the industry and been a fantastic voice for africa through her work with @maybelline. Wishing her more seasons of bloom. More seasons of beautiful grace.


Makeup by @davesucre @facevillemakeovers and @andreajoanmua

Hair by @who_is_chynabee

Styled by @s_b_youme


Everything beautiful.

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