Tzar Studios Presents its Spring/Summer 2016 Collection ‘1760’

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For my Spring Summer 16 collection titled ‘1760’ a number but more importantly my Identity for a certain gruesome period in my life spent in a remote part of Western Nigeria. The experience from this time and Alberto Burri’s work on Sacchi mesh to explain this some what traumatic timeline.

The collection is a visual and emotional  interpretation of my habitation in that environment.The predominant colour being blue emphasizes the difficulty in accepting the change I had to endure ,an inflexible mindset but then over time after much cogitation I reckoned that embracing the situation and creating my own acceptable version of reality would be the better option. Hues of Brown/Beige depicting long dusty roads I walked daily lined up with navy coloured kiosks selling the indigenous indigo-dyed fabric.

Loose silhouettes of oversized burlap-esque linen shirts with exaggerated sleeves and distressed necklines exuding a sense of despair.


Photography – Jerrie Rotimi

Model- Dammy Sotannde

Ada Igboanugo

Fashion Enthusiast.


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